How To

Welcome, to your ‘how to’ page on our PMA Word Press site. First our disclaimers:

  • Please dont reproduce or send these videos out anywhere. (LOL Like you would really want to anyway!)
  • I did not edit, cleanup, script, or professional produce these. I made them off the top of my head to provide simple directions on how to do a particular task. So if you hear my dog barking, my kids crumpling potato chip bags, or any other background sound, well thats just the way it came out.
  • I tried to break them down in small bits so you can find a video on just what you need.
  • If you have any questions at all, please call me first, before editing. Its easier to explain up front, than to clean up later. But hey, I have great confidence in you to manage this content.  But just in case: Tim Petrosky 267 847 1110 😉
  • I recommend you watch them all at least once. Some of they may not apply to your job, but watching them once is a good idea to understand whats going on.

So here are the videos. they are all up on my YouTube channel, so we don’t have to host the video content, but this page will provide you links to each one. Enjoy!

  1. Word Press Orientation: An overview of our site, the admin login page, and the menu of items there. This is meant to be a high level view and not a particular step-by-step instruction of any one function.
    click here to watch
  2. Edit an Existing Page: A video on editing whats already there. This is great for updating text in most places. The insertion of hyperlinks, pictures and documents is done in another video, but this walks you through the process of where to find the page you wish to edit and how to do it.
    click here to watch
  3. Add a New Page & Managing the Menu: This video shows you how to add a new page to the webiste. That alone only adds the page, but the second part of the video will walk you thru how to add your new page to the menu system.
    click here to watch
  4. Adding and Managing Images: This video explains the fundamentals on images.  It starts with an explaination on where they are stored, but also includes instruction on using an online photo editor at to size them right before uploading. They it shows how to insert them into your page content and modify the way text flows around them.
    click here to watch
  5. Hyperlinks: This video shows adding 3 types of hyperlinks; url, email, and file hyperlinks. This is likely going to be a common need when writing or producing content.
    click here to watch
  6. Theme Management: This video covers the more advanced task of managing the look and feel of our site called “the theme.” Its should be only modified under very specific conditions or if something on the header or footer or social links needs to be added, modified or removed. Though not an item you will likley need often, because all theme management is different developer by developer, I thought it would be a good reference.
    click here to watch

Happy Editing!