About Us

The Pennridge Music Association, Inc. is a non profit 501c3 volunteer organization made up of families of every student involved in a music activities supported by the PMA. We support the experience of music programs in our schools and our community. We are focused on supporting our children and their love for music and performing.cropped-logo.png

We encourage, maintain, and assist in any aspect of the Pennridge Music Department, including but not limited to:

1. The Pennridge Marching Rams High School Marching Band
2. The Pennridge Middle School Bands
3. The Pennridge Jazz Band
4. The Pennridge Drum Line
5. The Pennridge High School Color Guard
6. The Pennridge Middle School Color Guard
7. The Pennridge Lab Bands

Additionally we cooperate with those in charge of Pennridge music activities to the end that these performing groups are brought to, and kept at, the highest possible degree of efficiency. To build and maintain an organization which will help promote the general activities of the Pennridge music programs.

We provide a support structure that enables parents and community members to support the programs, while ensuring that all efforts are focused in a positive and encouraging manner. This includes providing assistance to any future activity that seeks our assistance.

Our current board members and contact information:

Kristin Richardson-Whitten & Susanne Petrosky

Co-Vice Presidents
Shelly Weinberger & Sherri Lee

Karen Calderone

Asst Treasurer
Karen Cameron

Debbie Biehl

Organizational By-Laws (PDF) – click here